Our company mainly has five categories of products, such as:styling products, wig lace products, hair care products, eyelash products and hair tools products. Committed to providing customers with a full range of hair products and services, bringing more beauty to the world.
Our edge control can effectively keep your edge or baby hair long-lasting and not greasy.
Hair wax stick can smoothes down fly away and frizzy hair along the hairline and nape areas very well.
Our wig glue includes liquid gold wig glue, lace melting spray, double-sided wig glue and 2.05oz super-capacity wig glue.
Our products will also meet the needs of different hairstyles. We have developed braid gel and braid mousse for hair braiding enthusiasts, which can make your braids smoother.
What's more, we also have lace tint mousse that can make the color of lace become natural. Our hair care products have also made some achievements. Such as curl cream, rosemary oil and skin protector.
For eye care products, we currently have lash shampoo, which is also matched with different sets, and has won unanimous praise from consumers.
Styling tools are definitely must-haves. We are also equipped with a comb set, stain bonnet, wig band and electric hot comb, etc., and have matched many sets of super cost-effective sets, so that consumers can choose more at ease and easily.
In the new year, Goiple will stick to its original intention, make better products, respect consumers' suggestions to do its best, and bring more beauty to the world!